Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Paper Doll

We like to think we're pretty crafty over here at Bubble Boutique (we even have a Martha Stewart craft trolley for all of the display craft projects that we get really, really obsessed with).  Yes, we love dresses and we have made quite a lot of origami tulips and tissue paper flowers for our Spring window displays, but I think this is where we draw the line.

Posada's Origami Paper garments just look like a really painful paper cut waiting to happen.  Plus, as we all know, it rains in Portland and I can't see a paper dress and rain mixing well.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tehen is here!!!!

Tehen, one of Bubble's most coveted lines, has finally arrived straight from France!  We have been waiting for this shipment for so long and are so excited that it is here.  This stuff goes fast so come get your pieces before they are gone!

Spring Windows at Bubble!

We have been so inspired by our newest Spring arrivals and had to make a beautiful new window display to show them off!  Here are some pics!