Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Portland Fashion Week- Part 2

With three full days of Fashion Week under our belt, by Saturday we were starting to drag. With all the excitement around Seth Aaron and the other 3 Project Runway alums showing that night, we knew we had to "make it work." We rose to the occasion with venti lattés in hand, threw on our favorite new Nuj Novakhett dresses and shoved our throbbing feet into our 4-inch pumps. As we expected, the show did not disappoint. All of the Project Runway designers know how to put on a show, and the Shipyard was packed to the brim with fashion aficionados from far and wide.

Jonathan Joseph Peter's Collection was my favorite from the night. When I spoke to him at the wholesale market he told me that he wanted his collection to have a sense of humor, so he added these gorgeous bold prints at the last minute to lighten it up. JJP's looks were very on trend as the fashion tide is turning toward more classic & chic, ladylike silhouettes. The full circle skirt, high-waisted trousers, and cropped jackets add balance and sophistication to the bold prints, accessories and sequins.

Jay Sario was as amazing as we'd expected. I love how he balances the masculine and the feminine by using heavier fabrics and metallic hardwear to toughen up the plunging necklines and flowing gowns. And those knee-high leather spats...I almost pulled them off the model backstage and ran out the back door. Soooo hot! Jay brings out my bad girl side and makes me want to hop on the back of my boyfriend's motorcycle.

And of course there was the much anticipated Seth Aaron Solar World collection. Not RTW by any means, but boy was it a good show. Shiny pleather, exaggerated silhouettes, surrealist masks, and metallic gowns. Über futuristic and fierce!

 Models Arti Danes and Libby Boggs in looks by Goga by Gordana

 Erika, Kayla and I with Jay Sario!

Susan, Kayla and I at the after party at Element

 Jessica with Seth Aaron and DJ Evan Alexander

 Jessica with Anne Bocci and Exec Producers Chris Cone and Tito Chowdhury

 Jessica and Susan with Chris Cone and DJ Evan Alexander

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