Friday, October 15, 2010

Portland Fashion Week- Part 3

Bubble Boutique girls are always ready to talk fashion, play dress up and have a good time. We'd be lying however, if we said that we weren't a little delighted when Sunday arrived and we could see the end of fashion week drawing to a close. While we were sad to see such a good thing come to an end, our fluffy beds, pedicures, and take-out menus were finally within reach. Luckily, Sunday night's show was packed full of collections we were dying to see. 

Established American heritage brand, and iconic Oregon native Pendleton and their younger, edgier counterpart: Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony, was among the list of collections I was eager to view. We've depended on Pendleton for over 100 years for their classic woven wonders, iconic plaids and jacquard patterns, but never really thought of them as a fashion pioneer. Pendleton's unexpectedly hot affair with the young hip label Opening Ceremony has rejuvenated the brand with trendy pieces that style gurus everywhere are swooning over. This buzz-worthy collaboration has graced the cover of magazines like WWD and it was an unbelievable thrill to have it walking the Portland runway.

Eco-friendly Parisian fashion house Ethos Paris brought us the accessible, effortless & always polished feel that we count on from our Parisian friends across the Pond. The French have a certain 'joie de vivre' that we are always aiming to live at Bubble. We'll be bringing you a bit more of this joie via Ethos Paris come Spring'11! Oui, c'est vrai! – in a few short months you'll be able to pluck these French frocks right off the Bubble racks! Innately feminine and impeccably constructed, these dresses make it so easy to be chic. We don't have pics of all of the pieces that will be in store, but stay tuned for updates!

Another favorite of the night was Souchi, a luxe knitwear line that we are proud to call a local collection. Designer Suzi Johnson blew us away with a mix of muted neutrals and colorful stripes in the form of ultra-comfy and sexy designs that left us dreaming of tromping around the house (or a Mediterranean villa..) in knit undies, bras and turbans.

Colombian designer Amelia Toro rounded out the evening with a mesmerizing collection dedicated to the heritage and tradition of Hispanic culture. Toro used a technique called the 'mola' which involves hand-sewn quilting and layering of fabric. Impeccably coiffed models were sent gliding down the runway in intricately crafted dresses with brightly hued panels of hand-embroidered animal prints and geometric shapes. Unexpected accents of lace and sheerness lended a lightness to the weight of such heavily embroidered garments. The result was a richly balanced look, both edgy and girly. What I wouldn't do to get my hands on that ivory dress or that beaded bag!

 Models Mandi, Malene, Patience and Arti backstage in Ameila Toro.

 Bubble gals apr├Ęs-runway-show on paparazzi stand!

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